Our Story

Where are we from and where are we going.

In 2007, three IT engineers, Petteri, Vili, and Jarno, decided to forge their own path after their studies and create web services that would meet businesses’ needs in an increasingly digitizing world. The software company Hurja was born out of a strong passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to do things in their own way.

During the first years, the entrepreneurs employed themselves and grew their company – Petteri handled coding, Vili worked as an Art Director, and Jarno managed sales. Nowadays, at the core of Hurja are software development services, and the company has evolved from the idea of three IT engineers to a software house employing over twenty people.

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Aiming for sustained growth with a customer-centric approach

Hurja’s operations have been built from the start with a customer-centric approach, aiming for controlled growth, and well-planned expansion remains the company’s goal. We can proudly say that the journey of Hurja Solutions Oy, which began in 2007, continues to progress positively. In 2022, we implemented numerous changes at Hurja, both in terms of company structure and operations.

In the spring of 2022, a business transfer from the parent company to a subsidiary (Hurja Solutions Oy) was carried out, with the subsidiary continuing the operational business related to software development, while the parent company (Hurja Holdings Oy) focuses on providing administrative services and investment activities.

In 2022, we also achieved a significant milestone in Hurja’s history, a directed share offering, which brought five new shareholders into our ranks. These new shareholders are experienced and accomplished employees, with a long-standing contribution to Hurja’s success. As a result of the share offering, they now collectively own 10 percent of our operational company’s shares. The founding shareholders of Hurja Solutions Oy, Petteri Karppinen, Vili Härkönen, and Jarno Airaksinen, currently hold a combined 90 percent ownership of the company.

Strategy, Mission, and Vision

All of these actions are directed towards strengthening and advancing Hurja’s strategy, which centers around profitable growth for the company. We are a software company striving to be strong and successful in the long term. At Hurja, we aim to provide our employees with opportunities for development and to create long-term career paths that align with each individual’s goals. Our goal is to have committed and skilled employees who want to improve themselves, help others grow, and simultaneously contribute to building the success story of Hurja.

At Hurja, we are constantly working to develop the company. For this reason, in 2022, we launched the sustainability initiative, the Purpose2030TM project, in which we refined Hurja’s values, mission, and vision, and integrated sustainability more strongly into our strategy. Our vision at Hurja was updated to: “Meaningful code for the demands of the evolving world” and our mission was shaped as: “We forge an advantage in the evolving world”.

Hurja’s vision incorporates the concept of responsibility, meaning that we at Hurja strive for the meaningfulness of work for each employee, as well as coding for positive change in the world. We are creating code that matters now and tomorrow. Our mission equates to the company’s purpose, which is the meaning behind all our operations. Our task is to give our customers an advantage in the evolving world. Learn more about how sustainability is realized at Hurja!

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Our Values

Team Spirit

We work as a team. We help each other, share challenges and successes to learn.
We respect each other and each of us takes care of our own job satisfaction.
We believe that a positive work atmosphere also reflects on the customer.

Continuous Development

We have a vast array of expertise, which we constantly enhance.
We keep track of and embrace new technologies and methods to provide customers with genuinely modern solutions.

We value individual differences and work towards promoting equality

Professional Pride

We create incredibly neat code that both we and our clients can take pride in. We avoid makeshift solutions.

Quality is at the core of everything, and we are proud of it. We have the skill and vision to generate robust and meaningful code that meets the demands of the evolving world.


Sustainability means significance and transparency to us. We operate openly, with integrity and a solution-oriented approach based on our values.

We cherish a safe working environment where everyone can experience meaning: to be themselves and express their perspectives. We also actively seek ways to expand our societal impact.