A software company that keeps its promises

We unlock the power of code

Hurja is a software company that delivers each project with professional and a laid-back approach. Our team currently consists of over twenty professionals with a passion for coding. We provide our clients with software development services that enhance their competitiveness and respond to the demands of the evolving world.

We specialize in creating web services, customized software, mobile apps, and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Our approach is client-driven, solution-oriented, and our team excels with remarkable skills. Our strong expertise and continuous development make us the ideal partner for clients around the world.

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Our vision is to make meaningful code for the demands of the evolving world!

Seeking sustained growth with a client-driven approach

After completing their studies in 2007, three IT engineers, Petteri, Vili and Jarno, decided to embark on a path of their own and create web services that were in high demand among companies in the increasingly digital world. The entrepreneurs were motivated to launch the company by their strong desire for entrepreneurship and wanting to do things in their own way. For the first 5 years, the entrepreneurs employed themselves in the company – Petteri did programming, Vili was the company’s AD and Jarno was in charge of sales. Today, software development services are Hurja’s core services. The company has grown from an idea of three IT engineers into a software company that employs over 20 people.

Right from the start, the company’s operations have been based on a customer-driven approach, aiming to attract sustained growth. Well-planned growth continues to be the company’s goal. We can proudly say that the journey of Hurja Solutions that began in 2007 still continues today. In 2022, we carried out multiple changes in our corporate structure and operations. Last spring, Hurja saw a transfer of assets from its parent company to its affiliate (Hurja Solutions Oy), which will continue the company’s operative software development business. Meanwhile, the parent company (Hurja Holdings Oy) will focus on administrative services and investment activities.

Expanding ownership to employees

In 2022, we carried out a direct share offering, as a result of which the company gained five new shareholders, all of them from among the company’s employees. The new shareholders have all had long and prosperous careers at Hurja. After the share of issues, they own a total of 10 percent of the shares of the operative business. The founding shareholders, Vili Härkönen, Jarno Airaksinen and Petteri Karppinen, hold 90 per cent of the shares of Hurja Solutions Oy.

The goal of all these measures is to strengthen the profitable growth of the companies in line with Hurja’s strategy. Hurja is a software company that wants to be strong and dynamic. At Hurja, we wish to provide our employees with development opportunities and long careers with flexibility to ensure individual career paths. We also wish to have committed and capable employees invested in developing their skills, helping others develop their skills and also contributing to the development of Hurja.

Hurja Solutions is one of Finland’s top places to work

We commissioned the Great Place to Work® Trust Index employee survey in the autumn of 2021, and were subsequently granted the Great Place To Work® certification. Based on the survey, Hurja Solutions Oy was also recognised as one of the best places to work in Finland in the 2022 Great Place to Work ranking. Hurja ranked 9th in the category for small companies. Thanks to the employee survey, we have research evidence that our employees generally find Hurja a fantastic place to work.

In fact, 100% of the Hurja staff agreed with the statement “overall, this is a great place to work” in the Great Place to Work survey!

Our work is guided by a set of values, and one of our most important values is team spirit. In our company, team spirit means working as a team and playing toward the same goal. We pride ourselves in our open and encouraging work community and wish to succeed together. Indeed, one of our strategic choices is to be the best workplace for our employees as we believe that it’s the key to growth. Our competence lays the foundation for the services and solutions we offer, allowing us to ensure our own and our clients’ success.

Why choose Hurja?

  • A Finnish joint-stock company with over 15 years of historical stability.
  • Experience in a wide range of projects and understanding of various industries.
  • Within the software company, there is diverse expertise in modern software development technologies.
  • Close partnership throughout the entire software lifecycle: planning, implementation, maintenance, and further development.
  • Utilization of common technologies and open-source code. No vendor lock-in.
  • No unnecessary technical jargon – we speak a common language with our clients.
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