Would you like a website with exceptional quality for your company or organization? We create first-class websites, e-commerce websites and extensive online services based on your needs, with our strong experience and creative vision.

Our main tool for websites is the WordPress open-source content management system. Using WordPress guarantees creating a cost-effective website for your company that will match today’s requirements for design, user-friendliness and accessibility. Of course, we also use other technologies and open-source code solutions, when needed.

Don’t forget to also market your website and e-commerce storefront, because it’s essential for online commerce! With our partners and in-house experts, we also offer versatile digital marketing services to meet your company’s needs.

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A website that really works for your company

We create websites in collaboration with our clients – we’ll always consult you, communicate and are open to comments. In fact, good communications are at the core of all our website projects.

After all, a website that really works for your company is about much more than just the technical implementation – it’s a powerful marketing tool and a showcase for your company! In addition to programming, we offer comprehensive online communication services, which allow us to offer visual design, analytics, search engine optimization and content creation services as a part of our website projects.

Together with our trusted partners in digital marketing, we can also provide more extensive website projects and integrations.


The benefits of WordPress

  • An extensive selection of website features
  • A custom design perfect for your company
  • A clear structure
  • User-friendly maintenance features for content management
  • Responsive i.e. mobile-friendly design
  • Good search engine visibility
  • Easy to expand into an online shop
  • Interface utilisation for data transfer and integrations

Website for your company at a reasonable price

Get a website for your company at a reasonable price from Hurja! The costs of e-commerce implementations and websites include the content, scope and features of the implemented service. At Hurja, the price of a relatively light custom WordPress website is around EUR 3,000, including individual graphic design for your website.

Other issues affecting costs include the technical features of the website, the number of language versions, possible integrations and requested additional services. The additional services can include purchasing suitable stock photos for your website, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and various integrations.

Website implementation

Needs assessment: Purpose, wishes, goals, requirements and schedule. We’ll have a discussion with you about the purpose of implementing your website, the wishes, goals and requirements you have set for the website, and the target schedule for the website project.

Data collection and specification: E.g. the message of the website, content, features, user groups and technical requirements. At this stage, we define the website user groups, the desired functionalities, the scope of the content, technical requirements and specifications related to the overall appearance of the website.

Visual, structural and technical design: Designing the visual appearance and features of the website. We will design and construct website and menu structures, content structures and hierarchies and features designed with technical solutions according to your wishes. We can design the appearance of your website based on your brand style guide or from the scratch.

Technical implementation: This phase is all about coding! Once we’ve made enough progress, you’ll be able to preview your new WordPress website in your own time before it is visible to anyone else. The preview feature allows you to follow the progress of the website as early as possible and talk about your wishes for changes with your contact person also during the implementation.

Testing and publishing: Final testing, final touches and approval for publishing. Once the graphics, features and content of the website are ready and have been approved by the client, it will be published at an agreed time in the selected Internet address, i.e. domain name.

Maintenance and support services: Update, maintenance and support features for various needs. We recommend our WordPress maintenance service for maintaining WordPress-based websites.

WooCommerce platform

What is a modern online shop like? Online shops typically sell their services 24/7, allowing your customers to purchase your products at their convenience. An online shop must also be clear and user-friendly, provide all relevant product information and offer a sufficient range of payment and delivery methods. It must be easy for customers to buy your products or services.

We implement all kinds of e-commerce websites ranging from small online shops integrated into a website to custom-built, complex ordering systems. When the website has been designed carefully to be user-friendly, the e-commerce website administrators will also find it easy to manage orders and products, and the website supports the marketing methods you have chosen. We typically use the WooCommerce WordPress plugin for building e-commerce sites. This also makes it easy to later expand your website into an online shop!

Website updates and aftercare

We provide companies with websites they’ll not have to worry about. We’re happy to be your partner in website development even after our project has been completed! We always agree on implementing additional features and further website development on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll know what you’re paying for.

We offer custom maintenance and aftercare services for websites as a separate service.

  • The maintenance service for WordPress pages includes maintaining a server environment that suits your website.
  • In addition to maintaining the server environment, the aftercare service includes regular updates to WordPress and any extensions installed in the environment. This means that you don’t have to worry about taking care of technical updates or ensuring the technical data security of your site – we’ll take care of it for you!
  • Proficient product support and friendly customer service are the most visible part of the website aftercare service.
  • We can also include monthly small-scale development and other customized additional services in the aftercare agreement.

When you need competent partners for versatile online communications and digital marketing services or the marketing of your new website, we’ll find the right solution for you! Read our customer testimonials for more information about our website projects.

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