A software company that keeps its promises

Our mission is forge an advantage in the evolving world

Hurja is a software company that delivers each project with a professional and easygoing approach. Our team currently consists of over twenty professionals with a passion for coding. We provide our clients with software development services that enhance their competitiveness and respond to the demands of the evolving world.

We specialize in creating web services, customized software, mobile apps, and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Our approach is client-driven, solution-oriented, and our team excels with remarkable skills. Our strong expertise and continuous development make us the ideal partner for clients around the world.

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Our Story

Our Story

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How we want to change the world.



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Customer Stories

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Contact Information

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Why choose Hurja?

Financially stable

A financially stable Finnish limited company with over 16 years of history.


Experience in a wide range of projects and understanding of various industries.


Within the software company, there is diverse expertise in modern software development technologies.


Close partnership throughout the entire software life cycle: planning, implementation, maintenance, and further development.

No vendor lock-in

Utilization of common technologies and open-source code.

No jargon

No unnecessary technical jargon – we speak a common language with our clients.