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Customer service and support: Customer service requests primarily via email to asiakaspalvelu@hurja.fi

General matters: info@hurja.fi

Customer service: 0290 031 113*, on weekdays 9-16

For matters other than customer service, you can call our contact persons directly, whose numbers you can find below on this page

Visiting address: Käsityökatu 43, 70100 Kuopio

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Hurja is a software company of the new era that seamlessly combines data and human expertise. Don't hesitate, reach out to us!

No matter what software ideas you have in mind, we have the expertise, knowledge, and innovative solutions to bring them to life. Dive into the world of software with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and approachable partner by your side.


Jarno Airaksinen

Jarno Airaksinen

COO/entrepreneur, sales

jarno.airaksinen@hurja.fi 044 546 7899
Vili Härkönen

Vili Härkönen

CEO/entrepreneur, sales

vili.harkonen@hurja.fi 044 065 3700
Mikko Heiskanen

Mikko Heiskanen

Sales Director, sales

mikko.heiskanen@hurja.fi 040 838 1213
Niko Haatainen

Niko Haatainen

Solution Consultant, sales

niko.haatainen@hurja.fi 040 728 5757
Hannamari Männistö-Lätti

Hannamari Männistö-Lätti

Project Manager, sales

hannamari.mannisto-latti@hurja.fi 040 659 5484
Kiira Valta

Kiira Valta

Marketing Manager

kiira.valta@hurja.fi 040 682 4109

Additional information:

Business ID: 3209893-8
DUNS number: 368912258
You can find our company’s billing information here.

The cost of calling the service number starting with “0290” from a landline connection is €0.0835/call + €0.0691/min. The cost of the call from a mobile network connection is €0.0835/call + €0.1669/min.
When calling from abroad, international rates apply.