Software development

Software development is the process of creating various digital services. We specialize in developing and customizing software according to our clients’ specific requirements.

Our expertise in software development enables us to create digital services that enhance our clients’ competitiveness. We handle the entire software development project life cycle, including conception, specification, design, implementation, and maintenance. We value our clients’ input and actively involve them throughout the process.

Whether you need a new app or enhancements to existing software, we are eager to take on your project. We offer comprehensive and straightforward software development services.

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Modern, client-driven software development

Modern software development is driven by client collaboration. We follow an agile methodology, breaking down the implementation into smaller sprints that involve goal-setting, implementation, and reviews.

High-quality software development encompasses various essential areas such as conception, specification, design, programming, documentation, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

No matter the size of your project, our competent team is accustomed to tackling challenges and finding solutions that align with your preferences. We work closely with our clients, ensuring their involvement from start to finish, and adapt flexibly to changes.

Custom software and applications

If you aim to digitize your company’s processes with top-notch software development, we can assist you by creating tailor-made software and applications. We prefer open-source code solutions, utilize up-to-date programming technologies, and leverage the latest tools and technologies. Additionally, we employ reliable cloud services for software maintenance.

Our solution is always customized to suit your specific needs, enabling you to effectively digitize your business, functions, or routine processes. This customized approach allows you to gain a competitive edge and automate your company’s processes.

We manage all aspects of software development, including software features and requirements specification, data models, technologies, graphic design, and user interfaces that work seamlessly across devices.

Custom software and applications – 6 benefits:

  • Selected features: The software will have precisely the functions you need.
  • Easy expansion: The implementation allows for effortless software expansion without starting from scratch.
  • Development and expansion possibilities: The software can be cost-effectively developed and expanded to meet future needs.
  • Efficient data management and analysis: The application supports your business by tracking processes, managing and analyzing data, and centralizing your data automatically.
  • Direct account management channel: Digitalization opens up opportunities for new business models and services, helping you develop creative solutions for service experience, communication, and marketing needs.
  • Enhanced management tools: By automating and streamlining your processes, you’ll have more resources to utilize and develop your company’s core competencies.

While software can be developed for local devices, web applications have become increasingly popular in software development. Web-based applications hosted on online servers provide clients with access anywhere, anytime, and across various devices. Additionally, we offer mobile development services tailored to your company’s needs.

Flexible pricing to meet different needs

We provide flexible pricing options to accommodate different requirements. Our regular hourly rate for software development is 89 €/h + VAT. We offer carefully selected pricing models based on factors such as project size, duration, demands, and the most suitable work approach.

  • Fixed prices are suitable for simple, short-term projects where the price remains unchanged throughout the implementation.
  • The target costing model enhances project flexibility, with a set target price to control costs and external changes.
  • Our hourly pricing model allows for agile changes as the software development progresses, prioritizing areas and features during the process. This model eliminates the need for highly detailed technical specifications upfront, enabling faster project launches.

Successful software development starts with understanding your company’s needs

As our client, you play a crucial role in the project, and we encourage you to ask for more details about our approach, teams, and the project itself. We welcome your challenges and actively involve you throughout the software development process. We provide custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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