Long-term collaboration in implementing and maintaining customized websites and other digital solutions

Ropo (formerly Ropo Capital) is the market leader in the Nordic countries for providing invoice lifecycle services, operating in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The headquarters is located in Kuopio. Ropo helps companies streamline and simplify their billing processes. The company enhances processes and provides complete visibility into billing and payment data, which facilitates financial management, improves customer experience, and increases cash flow. Ropo’s vision is a better-flowing economy.

We’ve been working with Hurja for a long time and they’re well-versed in extensive website redesigns. We know each other’s ways of working and I know Hurja will provide me with workable solutions that match my visions and the kind of sparring that supports getting the best possible solutions. I appreciate their ability to react quickly to things and be flexible. 

Jenni Jantunen, Chief Brand & Communications Officer, Ropo

The need for website renewal arose from a brand overhaul

We are Ropo’s long-term partner in various digital solutions. The need for the latest customized website renewal emerged from Ropo’s rebranding, which also led to the site being updated to align with their growth strategy, service offerings, and new visual identity.

The revamped brand emphasizes a modern and unique look as well as Ropo’s goal of simplifying financial management for businesses. The new website was designed to meet the expectations of modern users and to offer a seamless user experience that aligns with Ropo’s brand and business objectives. The website had to be not only visually appealing but also technically advanced and easily updatable to effectively serve a growing customer base.

Ropo´s site mockup.

High-quality implementation is the result of collaboration

In the website renewal project, Ropo’s partner for visual design was the branding agency Bellbird. Hurja was responsible for the technical implementation. The collaboration resulted in a site that not only looks good but also functions flawlessly and supports Ropo’s long-term growth and development goals.

Technical features and improvements of the site

  • Theme and Multisite Management
    • The website renewal was implemented using the latest version of Sage, providing a modern and modular development environment. The site is compatible with PHP 8+, ensuring its performance and future compatibility.
    • The website consists of four different sites, all sharing the same theme. The color schemes and settings are site-specific, allowing for the management of a unified overall appearance while making individual customizations possible. This structure enables the client to modify almost all content independently, with the exception of the theme translation phrases which are hardcoded.
  • Editor
    • The content management system was updated from the Classic Editor to the Gutenberg editor, allowing for more flexible content management and customization. The Gutenberg editor includes all of the default blocks of WordPress, and additionally, we created 16 custom blocks. The custom blocks have dynamic features, such as a progress bar that progresses from zero to a specified percentage as the user scrolls over it.
  • Plugins
    • The number of plugins was reduced by half compared to the previous version, improving the site’s performance and manageability. Powerful caching techniques such as WP Rocket and Redis cache, along with optimized webp images, ensure a fast and smooth user experience. The use of caches reduces server load and improves page load speeds.
  • Cookie Management and Analytics
    • Hurja took care of installing Cookiebot for cookie management. Cookiebot helps manage site cookies and tracking tools, and provides users with a banner for cookie consent. This solution helps ensure compliance with data protection regulations and offers users a safe and reliable experience.
    • Hurja was also responsible for installing Tag Manager for analytics.

Technical solutions support Ropo’s long-term growth goals and ensure that the new website is both visually appealing and technically advanced, standing the test of time.

Ropo´s site mockup.

Long-term partnership brings many benefits

Over the years, Hurja has implemented several websites for Ropo and provided assistance with other digital solutions as needed. Our solutions have helped Ropo focus on its core business by providing them with visually appealing and functional websites that are also easy to use for maintenance. The clear and logical structure of the sites we have implemented makes it easier for users to navigate and quickly find essential information, and integrations with knowledge bases speed up maintenance and automate site management, enhancing Ropo’s overall processes.

The new website is also user-friendly, fast, and visually appealing, supporting Ropo’s business objectives. The years-long partnership enables efficient and quick development projects, as we are well acquainted with each other’s working methods and culture. We are proud to be part of Ropo’s growth story and eagerly continue to support their digital needs.

We also manage the technical maintenance of Ropo’s websites. With our WordPress care service, we ensure that the websites and installed plugins are always up to date. We maintain separate development and production environments, enabling smooth ongoing development and quick changes to the sites, as we already have access to the site management.

We offer solutions tailored to your needs when you require visually appealing and functional websites or experts for other online communication needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you find the best possible solution for your needs!

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