Spine Real Time Electrical Network Management System – Outsourcing Partnership

TSR-ELSITE Oy provides construction professionals with solutions for site lighting and electrification. The company offers the best lighting, electrification, and heating solutions tailored for professionals. Equipment solutions are available through equipment rental companies, distributors, and wholesalers, as well as through direct project sales. The product range covers all lighting, electrification, and heating needs on construction sites comprehensively.

“The collaboration has been ongoing for almost a year and is planned to continue far into the future, and continuing the collaboration is easy as tangible results have been achieved. With Hurja, the Spine application has been developed into a user-friendly, reliable, and efficient solution, the potential of which has been realized since the acquisition of TSR-ELSITE Oy in autumn 2023, in Belgium, Sweden, and of course, Finland. The system will be further expanded with new features in the future, making the collaboration with Hurja look promising.”

Aki Lukkarinen, Product Specialist of Spine solutions, TSR-ELSITE Oy

Technologies Used:

  • Express.js
  • TypeScript
  • React

Need for Additional Resources to Strengthen the Internal Team in Further Development

In 2021, TSR-ELSITE embarked on the development of an energy monitoring solution based on the expertise of an electrical installation company. This innovation enables the transformation of the electrical panel into a hub for wireless sensors that support, among other things, environmental monitoring. There is a demand for such devices, especially on construction sites, events, and other environments where monitoring is challenging. The choice of the name Spine for the system reflects its role as a manager of energy-intensive loads, serving as the backbone of the entire project’s communication network. The outsourcing partnership between Hurja and TSR-ELSITE began in 2023 when TSR-ELSITE had completed the hardware development of the system and needed additional resources for application development to strengthen the company’s internal team in further development.

Spine-älytyömaajärjestelmä mobiili-mockup käyttöliittymästä.

What is the Spine Real Time Electrical Network Management System?

Spine is a device that can be integrated into electrical panels, designed to gather diverse data such as passing voltage and electric current. Its mobile connectivity also allows for communication with nearby Bluetooth devices, further expanding its range of applications.

Installed beside or within electrical panels, Spine is particularly tailored for use on construction sites. It enables users to monitor the load of different centers and make necessary adjustments efficiently based on real-time data. Additionally, through the data collected by Spine, users can monitor construction site power grids in real-time and utilize it through various integrations. These integrations enable precise calculations of, for example, electricity usage costs and CO2 emissions.

Effective Outsourcing Partnership

The outsourcing partnership with Hurja has brought additional strength to TSR-ELSITE’s own product development, and the development of the Spine application has progressed efficiently with the support of additional resources and expertise provided by Hurja. TSR-ELSITE is able to agilely leverage Hurja’s knowledge and capacity to advance application development. The main objective of the collaboration is to support TSR-ELSITE’s team in achieving the set goals and timelines for Spine application development. Simultaneously, it ensures high-quality work and the implementation of innovative solutions by diversifying the team.

Hurja has assisted TSR-ELSITE in full-stack development and design work, aiding them in meeting project objectives within the desired time frame. Hurja’s experience and expertise in the field have enriched TSR-ELSITE’s own development efforts, bringing new perspectives and ideas, and facilitating the emergence of innovative solutions. Hurja has provided active support in product development since the beginning of the collaboration.

SPINE kaavio käyttöliittymässä.

The work undertaken has encompassed full-stack development as well as various specification and design tasks. During the collaboration, integrations with Fingrid, ENTSO-E, and Onomonodon interfaces have been developed, among other things. The project has progressed as planned, with sub-goals being achieved in accordance with development plans. Currently, emphasis is placed on enhancing the application’s security aspect and refactoring the backend system into smaller, scalable microservices.

Hurja’s developers have been part of TSR-ELSITE’s internal team, actively participating in internal meetings related to application development. This has helped manage the project’s progress and ensure clear communication among all parties. The collaboration has brought advantages to TSR-ELSITE from both a technical development and project management perspective.

At Hurja, we are proud to be involved in supporting TSR-ELSITE’s successful development of the Spine application!

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