Environmental Responsibility


We urgently promote practices to combat climate change and its effects.



  • Climate Actions
    • Take urgent action against climate change and its impacts.


  • We calculate Hurja’s carbon footprint and actively reduce the negative climate impact of Hurja.
  • Hurja aims for carbon neutrality by 2025.
  • We enhance our understanding of opportunities related to slowing down climate change.


  • Calculate Hurja’s carbon footprint and develop plans for reduction and compensation.
  • Prioritize renewable energy, including office spaces and server maintenance.
  • Consider the lifecycle of equipment purchases and power consumption of tools.
  • Reduce emissions by enabling remote work and minimizing unnecessary travel.
  • Provide a company bicycle benefit to all Hurja employees.
  • Increase plant-based and locally sourced food in communal events.
  • Enhance our knowledge of green code to produce more energy-efficient products and services.
  • Participate in projects related to slowing down climate change, adaptation, mitigation, and early warnings whenever possible.